God is Good for All

God is Good for All

God is Good for All
God is Good for All

God is good all the time. Every time. - Rusell Wilson

God is good for all because no matter what happens in your life, if you believe in Him, He gives you strength that far any suffering on this Earth. There is a lifetime free of uncertainty, illness, death,  loneliness, fear, comparison, and sin ahead of you waiting in heaven. Heaven is an eternity of love, joy, happiness, peace, fulfilment, and perfection where our sufferings here will be restored. That’s the most valuable gift anyone could ever give!  “God" is the being in wisdom, goodness, perfect power who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe. We always hear the phrase, “God is good.” This phrase is also used in songs, sermons, and is sometimes used as a response when both good and bad things happen in our lives.

God is Good all the time

God is always good from many points of view - how he provides for us guides us, and watches over us- - yet it goes significantly more profound than that. God's protection is the kind of person he is, and we are made in his picture, in this way, thus, we share his goodness. God's integrity appears in our lives each day. God is acceptable consistently and constantly looks for the best for us. Thus, regardless of the awful results of transgression that broke every one of our connections, God is very close and in Him, we discover rest and insurance amidst life's troubles. Not exclusively is God by and large great, however, He is our shelter in an individual manner. 

How can He show His Goodness? 

In any difficulties, the attestation of God's security perceives that devotees, similar to every single person, face troubles. At this moment, the whole planet is enduring the overwhelming results of an infection that keeps on influencing all individuals paying little mind to sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, or religion. It is reviving to realize that God really focuses on us, and yet it is baffling to realize that difficulties are important for our reality. On occasion doubtlessly our philosophy (God is good and our refuge) repudiates our experience of torment, dread, and uncertainty. God knows our conditions and is never shocked by our inquiries. Adherents regularly wonder whether or not to voice our questions inspired by a paranoid fear of being decided as unbelievers or seen as individuals of little confidence. Be that as it may, God made us with feelings, yet allows us to communicate them transparently in his quality. God also gives us the power to overcome every situation courageously through our prayers. So, prayers have a very useful and positive impact on us. Songs are verse and feelings are a fundamental part of the verse, so inside this assortment, God included numerous Psalms that reflect sadness, pain, disappointment, vulnerability, dread, and every one of these feelings so basic to human experience. 

A Prayer to See God's Goodness 

Ways that are here and there so unexplainable that we question God's protection like a relative's disease, a dear companion's self-destruction, a deficiency of a task, an unanticipated tragedy. But God is acceptable, always. If you trust in Jesus, battles, and allurement are an assurance. In any case, we shouldn't separate the integrity of God between the harsh occasions and the sweet occasions. The focal piece of these Psalms is absolutely a mental emergency because of the emergency confronting the psalmist and as a rule individuals of God all in all. Mourn Psalms consistently end with an appeal and a presentation of confidence and trust in God. This model aids us as devotees to confront the tragic circumstance that we are presently languishing. Our confidence in God doesn't exclude us from challenges and we need to perceive our misfortunes and acknowledge the grieving cycle that will go with us for quite a while. Amidst our issues, God is our refuge and consistently supports us and will convey us from them. We can trust in the God who focuses on us and who isn't terrified by our doubts! God is our ally and His force in us is more noteworthy than the forces of obscurity that attempt to come against us.  He is continually working for our great. His integrity encompasses us like a safeguard. He generally has a decent arrangement for us. He is having large amounts of beauty towards us and He is focused on completing every one of the beneficial things that He has begun in us. So may the expressions of our mouth intensely pronounce today and ordinary that God is Good ALL THE TIME! 

Final Thought 

GOD gives us misery or satisfaction, we can discover in Him or how our lives appear to be unique from the remainder of this world. Sometimes, we need to focus on whether an opportunity is right for us and if we should follow a particular path. In these difficult moments, God always guides us. We need to stop, take a breath and pay attention. How do we feel in our hearts? How do we feel in our gut?  We need to be still and listen to that small voice we know so well. Listen to him whispering to our hearts about what choices are right for us. Pay attention to the signs that he sends us. This is the miraculous way of protecting us and guiding us to our best selves and well-being, so that we may live in the gifts we have been given and the purpose he has for us It starts with a move in our language: Replace "has been" or "at present" with "consistently." "God is in every case Good." Do this when things are working out positively, however when you are confronting any situation also. This shows others, and yourself, that you trust in His decency and the wonderful future He has available for you.