Treat Your Mind As Your Own Friend, Not As An Enemy

Treat Your Mind As Your Own Friend, Not As An Enemy
Treat Your Mind As Your Own Friend, Not As An Enemy

Inside all of us is a moody friend: our own mind. When we are in a good mood, it acts like a friend. It can help us think constructively and to do good deeds. When it is in a bad mood, It becomes our own enemy. it can make our minds in a state of dilemma and our actions unproductive, even counterproductive. In this write-up let me explain how we can control our minds to conduct a beautiful life.

Thus, the mind can be both our friend and enemy (Bhagavad-gita 06.05). 

Our minds are bipolar in nature, how ought we deal with it? Not as an enemy or as a buddy, however as a patient.  If we deal with each concept in our thoughts as a capability enemy, we are able to quickly be drained — we become like a soldier on a risky border, doing round-the-clock duty. If we deal with each concept as a sincere buddy, we are able to turn out to be deceived, even destroyed — we become like a soldier who hugs and comes near a man or woman and is stabbed. 

Modern cognitive psychologists endorse which you internally yell, "Stop it," then begin on greater effective teaching of concept. There are many motives for bringing negativity, for your thoughts, they are:

Avoid Evil thoughts 

Remember the song "Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative"? Easy for them to say! Although being aware of your thoughts, and working out your authority to select new ones, is useful, once in a while the method of accentuating the terrible creates the sort of hilarious parody of the scenario that assists you to alternate your thoughts even faster. Woody Allen's movies are humorous due to the fact he knows the films of his thoughts. Listening in at the soliloquies of his characters and witnessing their intellectual concoctions is a laugh due to the fact it is so human. We all do it. One of his characters may also have an easy headache and abruptly he fantasizes approximately being withinside the sanatorium with a terminal mind tumor. Psychologist Albert Ellis calls this awfulizing. That's an amazing word. It's effective due to the fact it is the sort of ideal description of obsessive worrying. Whenever we paint a scenario mentally to the factor wherein it has the maximum dire end imaginable, we are awfulizing.

How can we begin to manage our thoughts? Here are some suggestions which will be very useful for you.

Practicing Meditation to control your emotional self

The quality manner to deal with the thoughts is as a patient, via means of presenting it the medicine of devotion.  If we exercise bhakti-yoga to hyperlink with the all-attractive, all-natural final reality, Krishna, that devotional connection offers us better satisfaction. When the thoughts tell how pleasant absorption in Krishna is, it slowly becomes connected to him. Because he's unchanging, attachment to him steadies our moody thoughts. And progressively that divine attachment purifies it of the attachments that gasoline its temper swings. While we exercise bhakti, if a few concepts pop up intrusively in our thoughts, our religious connectedness offers us the stability to assess that concept objectively and reply maturely. 

By therefore treating the thoughts with devotion, we will therapy its temper swings and get pleasure from enduring happiness.

Think it over: 

  • How do our thoughts have a bipolar nature?
  • For managing the thoughts, what's the quality manner to examine them?
  • How does bhakti-yoga deal with the thoughts?

Try to Control your  Own thoughts by practicing spirituality

Spiritual lifestyles start off evolving whilst we will manage our minds. Ordinarily, the thoughts of a conditioned soul withinside the cloth international is absolutely out of manage. For maximum people, as opposed to their thoughts being managed their minds emerge as servants in their senses. So the man or woman, managed via means of the urges of the senses, purchases that meal and eats it to attempt to fulfill the whims of the tongue. In an identical manner, all of the senses of the frame are annoying the thoughts to deliver their precise items of gratification so the man or woman is truly out of control. 

Awakening your Inner self

In Chapter 6 of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna is describing the machine of meditation yoga to His friend Arjuna. Here, in this verse, Krishna is organizing that thoughts are the principal factor of yoga exercise. The cause of the yoga machine is to manipulate the thoughts and draw them far from attachment to feel items. The thoughts have to be taught in the sort of manner that could supply the conditioned soul from the darkness of the cloth internationally and convey him into the mild of Krishna consciousness. Material lifestyles method being subjected to the have an effect on the thoughts and the senses, in truth, the natural soul is entangled with inside the cloth internationally best due to the thoughts’ ego which wants to lord it over cloth nature. 

Therefore the thoughts ought to be taught so it isn't interested in the glitter of cloth nature and in this manner, the conditioned soul can be saved.

One ought to no longer degrade oneself via means of appeal to the matters in an effort to fulfill one’s senses. The greater one is attracted via means of feel items, the greater one will become entangled in cloth existence. The quality manner to disentangle oneself is to constantly interact with the thoughts in Krishna's consciousness. In this verse, it's emphasized that one ought to do this. In this manner, the thoughts will increase one and now no longer degrade him.

Finishing Lines

You can change your habits and learn time management, but without learning to control your mind, inner peace is impossible. The key to making your friend rather than your enemy is to become aware of how you produce and direct your very own cinema of the absurd. Then you can choose to run a different feature. Awareness and choice are the key factors for your mental peace. Think Positive and Stay Cheerful.