Where is God we all are found?

Where is God we all are found?

Where is God we all are found?
Where is God we all are found?

The existence and attributes of God are evident from the creation itself, even though sinful human beings suppress and distort their natural knowledge of God. God is our refuge and strength. Our soul filled with positivity when we try to connect our soul to the higher consciousness, Almighty God. A soul is what ignites the body, rests in it, and keeps it warm till it is the time to end the journey of that life form. But one can feel the existence of his soul and see many more souls and seek the soul by knowing the existence of God within his soul. Does God exist? Let’s mention a few reasons why it makes us believe in the existence of God

Life is Ultimately Meaningless Without God

If God doesn't exist, life is ultimately meaningless. If your life is doomed to finish in death, then ultimately it doesn't matter how you reside. In the end, it makes no ultimate difference whether you existed or not but it is sure, your life may need a very significant factor because it influenced others or affected the course of history. So everyone needs to conscious about positivity and goodness so that he can influence others to live life beautifully. But ultimately mankind is doomed to perish within the heat death of the universe. Ultimately it makes no difference who you're or what you are doing. Your life is inconsequential.

Without God, We Live Without Hope

We must ultimately live without hope if God doesn't exist, then. If there's no God, then there's ultimately no hope for deliverance from the shortcomings of our finite existence. For example, there's no hope for deliverance from evil. Although many of us ask how God could create a world involving such a lot of evil, far and away most of the suffering within the world is thanks to man's own inhumanity to man.If God doesn't exist, then we are locked without hope during a world crammed with gratuitous and unredeemed suffering, and there's no hope for deliverance from evil.

God is sensible and the creator of the universe

Where the universe came from? Why does everything exist rather than just nothing? Typically atheists have said the universe is simply eternal, and that is all. But surely this is often unreasonable. Just believe it a moment. If the universe never had a beginning, meaning that the amount of past events within the history of the universe is infinite. But mathematicians recognize that the existence of an actually infinite number of things results in self-contradictions.

God makes a sense of our consciousness within ourselves

Does God exist? then objective moral values don't exist, If God doesn't exist, to balance that there are some objective moral values is to mention that something is right or wrong independently of whether anybody believes it to be so. On the atheistic view, some action, say, rape, might not be socially advantageous then within the course of evolution has become taboo; but that does absolutely nothing to prove that rape is basically wrong. Thus, without God, there's no absolute right and wrong which imposes itself on our conscience. But the matter is that objective values do exist, and at heart we all realize it. there is no more reason to deny the target reality of ethical values than the target reality of the physical world. But if objective values cannot exist without God, We can summarize that If the almighty God doesn’t exist then the moral values and principles don't exist.

God can be immediately known and experienced

On the opposite hand, if God does exist, then not only is there meaning and hope, but there's also the likelihood of coming to understand God and His love personally. Think of it! That the infinite God should love you and need to be your personal friend! this is able to be the very best status a person's being could enjoy! Clearly, if God exists, it makes not only an incredible difference for mankind generally, but it could make a life-changing difference for you also. Now admittedly none of this shows that God exists. But it does show that it makes an incredible difference whether God exists. Therefore, albeit the evidence for and against the existence of God were absolutely equal, the rational thing to try to do, I think, is to believe Him. That's to mention, it seems to me positively irrational when the evidence is adequate to prefer death, futility, and despair over hope, meaningfulness, and happiness. The terms, "eternal" and "Being" aren't incoherent. So we will believe that God is an endless Being without fully understanding how this might be so. But we will go further. endless "something" isn't only coherent, it's logically required. Why? There are only two options: the primary thing to exist must either be eternal or it began to exist. Everything that begins to exist features a cause. Although this can't be proven with absolute certainty, history and customary sense affirm it. But we can feel and experience God by awakening our inner self.  

Final Thought

A soul is what ignites the body, rests in it, and keeps it warm till it's the time to finish the journey of that body. One can see souls and positivity everywhere if he feels god within himself. In every human, family, friend, animals, trees, plants, everywhere, these souls, whether or not they come from the weather themselves, or they're timeless and travel from one body form to the opposite is irrelevant! One has got to do acts that support his own understanding of their goodliness and not with the intention of making a “good act” balance to urge a far better afterlife or be during a better position on the doomsday.! If one is completely asleep with me and has no desire whatsoever to try to do any act to safeguard him from anyone nor needing to derive any strength by believing in him, God is often immediately known and experienced.