Why do we come to this world?

Why do we come to this world?

Why do we come to this world?
Why Do we come to this world?

Sometimes we ask ourselves, why do we come to this world? What is life exactly? We as humans interpret it in different ways, try to find scientific reasons for its inception, and when nothing intriguing comes up, we sometimes call it God itself. We came to this world so that we have to understand our karma. Karma means our mind habit. It is a very good chance for all of us to practice and to make use of this karma to awake and get enlightenment. That's why we are born. Only humans can use their situation and get enlightenment. Animals cannot do that. In this article, we discuss what is man’s sole responsibility for the sake of humanity. 

What makes us have karma? 

It is our wrong ideology of “I, mind, me”. Because we suppose this body is I, this sense is I, the wondering is likewise I.  Because of this, we make exact and awful karma. With practice, we realize what's miles the basis of the trouble and we are able to clear up it. This lifetime isn't always for purchasing what you want. Even if you obtain what you want, you need to allow a cross of what you obtain. Now it involves our mind. Actually, we don't have a mind, however, we make this mind. So each time we make something, we get something. So we make up our mind, then we've got exact and awful out of what we make, due to the fact that is a contrary international. We constantly get the contrary. We all had been given a small part of an indefinitely lengthy string of time as a gift, and we name it our existence. But as we develop up, we find out a harsh fact of existence which hurts the maximum. That is, this gift, like any different commodity, comes with an expiry date. If you study it from an exceptional perspective, all of us have been According to him, if God did not know whether he would go to Paradise or Hell, his creation would be meaningful. The one that asks that question doesn't know the rationale behind the creation of the universe and him. That he's unaware of the aim of creation makes him ask this question. consistent with him, he came to the present world in order that the solution to the subsequent question is going to be clear: “Will he attend Paradise or Hell?” Then, we should always quest for the solution to the question within the wisdom behind the creation of this world and man. When this wisdom is known, the solution to thereto question is going to be found, given a little a part of an indefinitely lengthy string of your time as a present, and that we name it our existence.

What’s our role as a person?

  • We all work, retire and get depending on our final tiers of existence. And in spite of everything this, what we go away at the back of our memories. Memories which we don’t bring with us, however, the ones which we go away at the back of hoping someone, someplace will cherish them. God desires to make himself regarded via His works of artwork on this international. 
  • The responsibility of a person is to thank his Creator, who desires to make Himself regarded via the miracles of His artwork and to realize Him via His holy names that emerge as happen at the mirrors of the beings. The Almighty desires to make Himself cherished via the stunning end result of His mercy on this international.
  •  The sole obligation of a man is to obey his Merciful Lord, who desires Himself to be cherished via the stunning end result of His love and to make Lord love him via worshipping. God offers individuals the tastes of the cloth and nonsecular bounties on this international.
  • The obligation of a man for those cloth and non-secular bounties is to thank God, who offers him the one's bounties and who feeds him, via his deeds, attitudes, and tongue, and if feasible via all of his emotions and organs and to reward Him. 

Man Should Know About the Divine Purpose

If the man knew why he got here to this international, why this universe turned into created in the sort of fantastic shape and if he knew the divine functions in them, he might now no longer ask the sort of query, and he might apprehend that divine qadar understanding the whole lot might now no longer put off the wisdom and functions we've got listed. In fact, the man turned into a small realm. We may even say that the names that don't happen on this massive international and in angels emerge as happen on this tiny guy. For instance, a guy commits a sin and asks for forgiveness. Then, Almighty forgives him. Thus, while Almighty forgives guy, His names like Forgiver, Pardoner, Acceptor of Repentance, and Forgiveness emerge as happening; the ones names may happen most effectively in a man. That is, to want someone who will visit Hell now no longer to return back to this international approach to want this international to be disadvantaged by the manifestation of His majestic names; this want is an end result of being ignorant of the motive of the advent of the universe.

Final Thought

Let’s attempt to forgive, apologize, thank, sympathize, help, and most importantly good act. Do something so that it will make existence meaningful, happy, and really well worth living. Do something that can make others, if now no longer few, cherish you as soon as your piece of time involves giving up. That’s wherein you could locate the proper which means of existence. That’s if you have set the means of your existence’s lifestyles with others to follow.